Blog Task Week 3

  1. From what I can see in the picture the text on the object I was given seems to be readable to me. There is a variety in how the text is presented on the object, one form of text uses a white fill and a black stroke against a red and yellow background which is very easy to read and the other two texts are black and white separately on red and yellow backgrounds. I believe that this objects design is very attractive. The colours of red and yellow work very nicely together and create an appealing aesthetic. it is also quite a simple look which can at times be a lot better and more visually attractive than a more complex design.
  2. The object in the picture has the label “Bee Health”, which is what I believe the graphical design of it was based around. The use of the colours red and yellow was quite clever in my opinion. Yellow is a colour associated with bees as that is the colour of their bodies. You could also say the colour red is associated with flowers maybe, at the very least considering that the flower they use in their design is itself red, but I think the main reason red is used with the yellow, aside from the fact that they look well together, is the fact that when mixed together they make the colour orange which is the colour of honey again connecting it to bees. The heavy connection with nature also tells the customer that this object is good for them and provides health benefits.
  3. There is not much I would do to improve the design of this object. One change I would make though is add more information to it. I feel that the current design for the label does not provide enough information about the object.






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