Final Reflection

I have enjoyed using photoshop for the last few weeks. I personally have been using photoshop for the last couple of years both personally and as part of the plc course I did prior to coming to Maynooth. Most of what we went over and learned in the lectures I already knew how to do because of my previous experience with the software but I did learn about some smaller details about photoshop that I didnt previously know. Some of my favourite tools to use in photoshop are the quick selection tool and the pen tool for making selections and I like using the patch tool and the healing tools to alter images. My favourite thing about photoshop is that there are so many different ways a task can be handled and figuring out the best way to handle a task is very enjoyable. I believe that the photoshop blog tasks and the lectures did help me to develop my visual design skills. WE discussed a lot about design of things such as packaging on products and even the design of websites. We discussed colours and the general effect that colours and mixtures of colours can have. I will be able to use what I have learned about colours whenever I design anything else in the future. Of all the photoshop blog tasks we did over the last few weeks my favourite one was the wrapper one. The requirement of the task was to take a chocolate bar wrapper and edit it using the methods and techniques we had leaned. This from the beginning was very appealing to me. I was able to use  wide variety of techniques and tools to alter the wrapper in anyway I wanted. I enjoyed this task because it allowed me tyo be creative and use my photoshop knowledge and skills. Overall I was pretty happy with what we covered in our lectures using photoshop. I dont have any suggestions for what else we could have looked at and gone over in class but I would definitely like to have some more classes using the software as i greatly enjoy using it and would like to be better at using it. The use of photoshop is a skill I would very much like to master and is something that I hope that one day I can use in connection with whatever career path I take later in life.


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