Photoshop Blog Task 5

For this task I decided to alter the design of a Kit Kat bar. I used many different techniques and processes to change the look of many different aspects of the wrapper and the bar itself. First to remove the name Kit Kat I used a mixture of tools. I used the healing tool and the patch tool to remove the words and replace it with just the white behind it. I also used the same tools to remove the words on the bar. I then used the text tool to place down my text “Break Bars” and moved and resized them as I wanted. To make the text on the bars cut off underneath the wrapper I used the quick selection tool to select the part of the wrapper I wanted the text to be underneath and then copied my selection on to a new layer. I then placed the text layers underneath the layer with the copy. To make the text on the bar appear as if it was sketched into the bar I applied a couple of effects to give it that look such as strokes and shadows. I used the same process for changing the name of the bar to change the text in the bottom right of the corner.To change the colour of the various parts of the wrapper I selected what parts I wanted to change and then made them black and white. I then used the paint bucket tool to apply a colour to the layers and then changed the layers from normal to overlay.KitKat-Four-finger

break bars.jpg






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