Final Reflection

I have enjoyed using photoshop for the last few weeks. I personally have been using photoshop for the last couple of years both personally and as part of the plc course I did prior to coming to Maynooth. Most of what we went over and learned in the lectures I already knew how to do because of my previous experience with the software but I did learn about some smaller details about photoshop that I didnt previously know. Some of my favourite tools to use in photoshop are the quick selection tool and the pen tool for making selections and I like using the patch tool and the healing tools to alter images. My favourite thing about photoshop is that there are so many different ways a task can be handled and figuring out the best way to handle a task is very enjoyable. I believe that the photoshop blog tasks and the lectures did help me to develop my visual design skills. WE discussed a lot about design of things such as packaging on products and even the design of websites. We discussed colours and the general effect that colours and mixtures of colours can have. I will be able to use what I have learned about colours whenever I design anything else in the future. Of all the photoshop blog tasks we did over the last few weeks my favourite one was the wrapper one. The requirement of the task was to take a chocolate bar wrapper and edit it using the methods and techniques we had leaned. This from the beginning was very appealing to me. I was able to use  wide variety of techniques and tools to alter the wrapper in anyway I wanted. I enjoyed this task because it allowed me tyo be creative and use my photoshop knowledge and skills. Overall I was pretty happy with what we covered in our lectures using photoshop. I dont have any suggestions for what else we could have looked at and gone over in class but I would definitely like to have some more classes using the software as i greatly enjoy using it and would like to be better at using it. The use of photoshop is a skill I would very much like to master and is something that I hope that one day I can use in connection with whatever career path I take later in life.


Photoshop Blog Task 5

For this task I decided to alter the design of a Kit Kat bar. I used many different techniques and processes to change the look of many different aspects of the wrapper and the bar itself. First to remove the name Kit Kat I used a mixture of tools. I used the healing tool and the patch tool to remove the words and replace it with just the white behind it. I also used the same tools to remove the words on the bar. I then used the text tool to place down my text “Break Bars” and moved and resized them as I wanted. To make the text on the bars cut off underneath the wrapper I used the quick selection tool to select the part of the wrapper I wanted the text to be underneath and then copied my selection on to a new layer. I then placed the text layers underneath the layer with the copy. To make the text on the bar appear as if it was sketched into the bar I applied a couple of effects to give it that look such as strokes and shadows. I used the same process for changing the name of the bar to change the text in the bottom right of the corner.To change the colour of the various parts of the wrapper I selected what parts I wanted to change and then made them black and white. I then used the paint bucket tool to apply a colour to the layers and then changed the layers from normal to overlay.KitKat-Four-finger

break bars.jpg





Photoshop Blog Task 3

To create this image I first downloaded a picture of Donald Trump and a picture of the emperor from star wars. I then used quick select and layer mask to remove the emperors face from the image. I then dragged the Donald Trump image on top of the emperor image and used quick select and layer mask to cut out everything but Trumps face. I placed the Trump layer below the emperor layer and positioned and sized it to where I wanted in the hood. I then used quick select to select the hands, filled them with an orange colour with the paint tool and used overlay to make the colour blend with the emperor image. I also used the paintbrush tool to add some shadows to Trumps face. To place the text I used the text tool and then used the effects to place a black stroke around it to make it more readable.

Image source –


Blog Task Week 3

  1. From what I can see in the picture the text on the object I was given seems to be readable to me. There is a variety in how the text is presented on the object, one form of text uses a white fill and a black stroke against a red and yellow background which is very easy to read and the other two texts are black and white separately on red and yellow backgrounds. I believe that this objects design is very attractive. The colours of red and yellow work very nicely together and create an appealing aesthetic. it is also quite a simple look which can at times be a lot better and more visually attractive than a more complex design.
  2. The object in the picture has the label “Bee Health”, which is what I believe the graphical design of it was based around. The use of the colours red and yellow was quite clever in my opinion. Yellow is a colour associated with bees as that is the colour of their bodies. You could also say the colour red is associated with flowers maybe, at the very least considering that the flower they use in their design is itself red, but I think the main reason red is used with the yellow, aside from the fact that they look well together, is the fact that when mixed together they make the colour orange which is the colour of honey again connecting it to bees. The heavy connection with nature also tells the customer that this object is good for them and provides health benefits.
  3. There is not much I would do to improve the design of this object. One change I would make though is add more information to it. I feel that the current design for the label does not provide enough information about the object.





Blog Task Week 2

Of the social media platforms suggested for this assignment, the only one I really use is Facebook, only because I have no real interest in using the other platforms and my major use for Facebook is messaging anyway. When checking the privacy settings I realised that there wasn’t much in the way of choice when it came to how I wanted to personalise my privacy settings on the website. But overall this doesn’t bother me too much. I personally am not that overly fussed when it comes to the information that I put online and who can see it because I’m comfortable with everything I do put online, as rarely as I do. As far as I see it I’ve never posted anything that would be taken in a negative way or impact my life in the future negatively and so far the information I have linked to my account has not been used for malicious reason, or at least as far as I can tell. Maybe eventually someday my lack of caution when it comes to online privacy will come back to haunt me someday in the future but until then I am perfectly happy with how my information is displayed online.